Our Footprint
Beyond Yoga is proud to say that all of our clothing is designed with love in Los Angeles and made in the U.S.A. Every hand and eye involved in creating your garments is employed in our local L.A. factories and facilities. This way we can ensure a high quality of product and employ our local community.

Beyond Yoga’s day-to-day efforts aim to reflect our promise to be environmentally responsible. The team at Beyond Yoga preserves this effort through the use of carpools, public transit and much more. Beyond Yoga’s corporate office demonstrates the same conscious efforts as its employees; ensuring the use of recycled poly bags, shipping materials, and office supplies whenever possible.

In addition, the team at Beyond Yoga works to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle, promoting exercise, stretching, and a healthy diet. Our employees take regular organized walks at a local park and outings to our local studios to promote this mission, our brand, and support our retail locations.

  • I am Beautiful.
  • I Belong.
  • I am Kind.
  • I am Me.
  • I Live my Life Beyond.