How Big Is Your Brave?


This season, dance with the dreamers, the doers and the daring.

Meet Pretty Big Movement


Akira Armstrong is a trained dancer who couldn't get representation "because of her size". Since then, she's become a viral celebrity for starting Pretty Big Movement, a dance troupe that tours globally. Also, she's danced with Beyonce.

“ Trust the process. Believe in yourself. Remember your purpose and do what fulfills you.”

—Akira Armstrong

Make your move in visions of violet and velvet.

Meet Amanda LaCount

Amanda LaCount was told her body type didn't fit her instructor's vision for the competition team. She's inspiring artists to celebrate their bodies. Also, she's danced with Katy Perry.

“ I created my hashtag #BreakingTheStereotype to educate people that any "body" can be a dancer.”

—Amanda LaCount

Get into the groove with darling, dance-inspired styles.

Meet Sarah Hay


Sarah Hay was told she needed a breast reduction for the perfect ballet body. She created her own path and is now an acclaimed dancer and actress that was nominated for a golden globe.

“ The time we live in is both terrifying and beautiful, but the space that is being created for women to expand and grow is just phenomenal.”

—Sarah Hay

Break step in styles with a little bit of edge.