Are Tampons Toxic?

Since tampons are such a regular part of our self-care routines, it’s important to be aware of the affect they have on our bodies. What you need to know: the walls of the vagina are permeable and any toxic materials in a tampon can get directly into your bloodstream. Like us, you are probably wondering what exactly is in a generic tampon.

According to Dr. Maggie Ney, the co-director of the Women’s Clinic at the Akasha Center, the answer is… a lot of harmful stuff. As she recently explained to our friends over at goop, “tampons are made from cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers, and conventional tampons have odor neutralizers, dyes, pesticides, and fragrances, which have an undisclosed mixture of chemicals that have been linked to endocrine disrupters, allergies, rashes, respiratory distress, cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility. They also contain GMOs.” Head over to goop for the full interview.

Yikes! So, are any tampons safe to use? Don’t worry, organic tampons do exist and new brands continue to emerge. We recently featured our favorite non-toxic tampons by Conscious Period in our celebration of female entrepreneurs, and there are more great options too. Brands such as Seventh Generation, The Honest Company and Natracare all offer tampons that are free of toxins. Phew.

Here’s to staying healthy and aware, ladies.

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