Reiki at Home

You may have noticed that when a part of your body hurts, you naturally place your hand over it. This innate gesture is not only comforting, it transmits healing energies to your body and mind (an ancient practice known as Reiki.) We all have the ability to lay our hands on ourselves and others to accelerate the process of healing by transferring energy. Follow the steps below to practice Reiki at home.

How to access your innate healing energy:

STEP 1: 
Begin to extend your arms out in front of you, palms facing each other. Bend your elbows and lower your elbows so that they are on either side of your waist. Soften your shoulders away from your ears and bring your attention to the space between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Without any expectations, simply focus on the right palm of your hand, then the left palm of your hand, and then the space in between the palms of your hands. Do you feel anything? If not, don’t worry. 

STEP 2: 
Bring the palms of your hands together in front of your chest and begin to rub them as fast as you possibly can. When you feel that you created a lot of heat, begin to bring your palms a few inches apart from each other. Now move them a little closer together and a few inches further apart. Continue to move your palms and notice the energy that you created in the palms of your hands. What do you feel? 

STEP 3: 
Bring your hands together in front of your heart, close your eyes and set a clear intention. An example would be “I offer myself in the service of the divine for the highest good of all.” Let go of expectations and attachment to the outcome.

How to use your touch for healing:

STEP 1: 
Place your hands on your head, close your eyes and allow the soothing energy to wash away any stress. Stay here for a few minutes or until it feels right to move them away.

STEP 2: 
Cup the palms of your hands over your eyes and draw in the healing energies. Stay here for a few minutes or until it feels right to move them away.

STEP 3: 
Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your belly. Stay here for a few minutes or until it feels right to move them away.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes. Welcome back! May you feel refreshed and calm.

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