Play Time: Summer Toy Roundup

Summertime is here, and if you’re like me and have a young child around, you know that outdoor time is important. In fact, spending time outside is key for kids’ overall health. This is a great time to introduce new things like sports, creative play and imaginary play, allowing them to tap into their sense of adventure.

When playing outside with my two and half year old, I like to keep a few different activities on hand. Currently, some of her favorite things to do are jumping on a trampoline, playing with bubbles and bringing her dolls outside for “bath time.” Other times, I simply let her walk around and explore things on her own. She typically will find a new bug or butterfly to chase, will look to see if there are any fish in the water, smell the flowers in the garden and just go for little nature walks.

Here are a few great (and easy) toys that kids love to play with outdoors. I especially love the tents for the kids, since mine can play in one for at least an hour — that’s enough time for mom to sit and enjoy a coffee!

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