Double Time

As a fitness teacher and health strategist, I am always looking for creative ways to maximize time when it comes to wellness. In my classes, I instruct my students to recruit as many muscles as possible during one move, as it is efficient and effective. So multi-functional workout accessories for active people seems like the obvious choices. Conventional, everyday workout necessities that can work double time is just what busy people need, and sometimes less is indeed more. I’m excited to share 4 of my favorite multi-functional workout accessories below.


1. Mobot Water Bottle + Foam Roller


This bottle is genius! I met the creator standing in line at a coffee house. I was instantly drawn to the cool design and had to know where she got it. I was surprised to learn that it was more than just a water bottle – it doubles as a foam roller too! As an advocate of rest and recovery, I know that this is a gem of a find, so I ordered one that day. Hydration is nonnegotiable if you’re a fit-addict, and is the culprit to tight muscles, so why not sip and stretch?


2. Aloha Collection Waterproof Bag


Wherever you live or travel to get your fitness on, there is going to be sweat involved. Whether we are at the pool or coming from a spin class, hanging out at the beach or taking a weekend getaway,  at some point, we probably need to stash sweaty clothes someplace. Having a waterproof bag inside and out is a game changer! These Aloha totes are adorable and stylish, and their duo accessibility makes sweating, sunning, and swimming more convenient.


3. Wearable Wireless Headphones


Another workout must-have are earphones but they are always tangled up in my bag, getting caught on everything! Until I discovered these fun and funky earbuds that can be worn around the wrist. When I am not wearing them in my ears listening to my tunes, I know they are conveniently wrapped around my wrist and just look like I’m wearing beaded jewelry.


4. Hair Tie Bracelet

I don’t know about you, but I always have a hair tie on my wrist and it’s not the prettiest fashion statement. It was especially  annoying when I kept noticing this black band on my arm in photos. That’s why this beautiful, simple bracelet that’s disguised as a hairband holder is so smart. It’s wearable and fashionable with options in silver, gold and rose gold. Gimme all of ‘em, I’m sold.

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