Kait Hurley

Movement + Meditation Teacher & Entrepreneur

Kait Hurley is a movement and meditation teacher, entrepreneur and personality based in Portland, OR. She is the creator of KaitHurley.com, an online training program focusing on dynamic exercises to help students step into higher consciousness through mindfulness and motion. Since its launch in fall 2017, the site has acquired a strong and committed community of women who embrace Kait’s hybrid approach to mind-body wellness.

As a lifelong athlete with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Kait was first introduced to meditation and its benefits after she experienced a series of anxiety attacks. The incredible results of adding meditation to her exercise practice opened her eyes to an entirely new definition of health—one that includes a resilient mind and body. This newfound purpose took her from being a lead trainer at a top fitness brand to immersing herself into a yoga teacher training and an intensive meditation mentorship program under Kimberly Carson at Oregon Health Sciences University.

As her meditation practiced deepened, Kait noticed the benefits were compounding. However, she struggled to incorporate meditation regularly into her day. Due to a busy life, she found herself having to choose between working out or meditating. It was only when Kait began moving her body before meditation that she noticed a giant shift from the inside out. After blowing off steam and working up a sweat, sitting suddenly felt easier and she became more open to the experience.

Realizing the powerful synergy between movement and meditation, Kait was inspired to create a digital platform to help women connect with themselves in a deeper more meaningful way so they could live a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle and feel amazing. Combining yoga, strength training, and heart-pumping aerobic work with meditation, Kait encourages you every step of the way and meets you where you are, both physically and mentally. Videos range from 15 minute dynamic stretching and breathing exercises, to 60 minute challenging workouts that incorporate meditation to balance effort and ease. Kait’s classes give students the flexibility to move and meditate in one video or just meditate.

Kait is currently living in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Peter, and their kitten, Javier.

Connect with her on Instagram @kait.hurley.

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"Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." —Brené Brown

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