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When Jodi Guber Brufsky was a yoga instructor and life coach in 2005, she searched for, but couldn’t find, stylish and flattering workout wear to complement not only her teaching and practice, but her life beyond the yoga mat. “I wanted to create workout and lifestyle clothes that were easy to wear and that I could feel confident in.” she says. The next year, she launched Beyond Yoga, a line of sophisticated basics that celebrate and inspire women in their workouts and in their lives.

Jodi grew up in Hollywood, daughter of legendary producer Peter Guber and yogi philanthropist Tara Lynda Guber, in the world of celebrity. She constantly felt pressure to look a certain way, and mastered the art of flattering her body at any size, whether in the spotlight or for herself. Jodi began a successful career as a talent agent at ICM and William Morris, and later co-founded a full service event and public relations company, Beyond PR. But she continually struggled with her body image. Yoga ultimately led Jodi to her purpose. “Yoga changed my outlook on life, I became more focused on intention and integrity. This drew me to launch Beyond Yoga so I could inspire other women to feel as empowered as I do.”

As Founder, Chairwoman and Chief Creative Officer of Beyond Yoga, Jodi shapes the vision and direction of Beyond Yoga. Through this platform, Jodi encourages women on their own journeys of self-acceptance with powerful messaging like the Be Body Proud campaign. Beyond Yoga is a true supporter of a woman’s path to body confidence.

Jodi is also on the board of I Am That Girl, a not-for-profit community of girls that aims to turn self-doubt into self-love. “It really resonates with the ‘why’ of Beyond Yoga. I Am That Girl is youthful, honest and authentic and delivers a similar positive message,” she says. Jodi plans to live to the age of 125, as a fit and healthy person, wearing Beyond Yoga.

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