5 Unexpected Uses for Coffee

Coffee in its most traditional form – brewed, in a mug, in the morning, in your hand – is, by far, the most essential way to consume the caffeine-laden beans. But there are other ways to enjoy coffee that venture beyond drinking it. We’ve collected five unexpected uses for coffee other than as a pick-me-up-style beverage.

Ready to get caffeinated in a whole new way? Brew a cup of your favorite java, save the grounds, and let’s get creative!


1. As a facial scrub


Use coffee grounds (preferably organic ones) and organic coconut oil to mix up an antioxidant-fueled treat for your face. Get the two-ingredient recipe here.


2. As a gardening secret weapon


The uses for coffee in your yard are extensive: fertilizer, mulch, worm food, keeping slugs and snails away, and more. Get details here on how to use coffee to keep your lawn and garden box game going strong.


3. As a hair mask


Try rubbing coffee grounds into your hair before you shampoo and condition, leaving them in for a few minutes before rinsing, for a shine-inducing mask. (This is especially effective for those with dark hair.)


4. As a furniture restorer


Scratches in wood furniture can drive you crazy, but now coffee can come to the rescue! Combine used grounds, warm water, and vinegar to create a natural stain. More here.


5. As a fridge freshener


Do your refrigerator’s contents sometimes leave it smelling less than fresh? Try using coffee grounds to deodorize the space! Details here.

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