5 Crystals for Springtime

Springtime is all about embracing rejuvenation, growth and transformation, which makes it the ideal season to clear yourself of unhelpful energies and open yourself to change. Using crystals in your meditation practice or as inspiration around your home can be a healing way to welcome new beginnings and bring yourself in alignment with nature.

Below are 5 types of crystals that pair perfectly with springtime. You can combine the stones or use them individually; most importantly, charge them with your clear intentions.


1. Sunstone

The stone invites warmth, and boosts the mood while chasing away the blues of the cold, dark and rainy days of winter. It also encourages self-worth, a positive self-image and confidence. It is known to bring a sense of happiness and helps creative expression.



2. Carnelian

This great healing stone releases old, stagnant energies, stress and trauma while offering nourishment, empowerment, courage and motivation. Carnelian supports you with strength as you step into new beginnings, growth and transformation this spring.



3. Celestine

Celestine can be used to lighten your mood and raise your awareness. It offers blissful, uplifting energies and it’s ethereal nature heightens intuition while supporting a soothing meditative state of mind.



4. Moss Agate

This stone encourages fresh starts and open space for new inspiration and optimism. It releases old emotions and opens your mind to your own potential as well as new opportunities. Since ancient times, it has been considered to bring abundance and fertility of all kinds.



5. Peridot

This invigorating gemstone expresses the vibrant energy of spring, rebirth and new beginnings. It restores emotional balance, supports us in letting go of the past, rids us of old patterns and negative thinking and offers us refreshing, invigorating and cleansing energies.



photo credit: Kara Riley

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