30 Days Has September

During the summer, when we want to feel confident in bathing suits, we spend a lot of time concerned with our body. As we move into fall, let’s take time to acknowledge all of the things we love about ourselves. 

Each day of the month, choose one unique part of YOU. Choose to focus on it the entire day, as a reminder to be grateful. 

Here are my #30DaysHasSeptember. I invite you to join me today in celebrating the things you love about yourself! 

[secondslider][image]body [image]health [image[skin [image]tongue [image]fingers [image]mind [image]eyes[image]legs [image]beauty[image]soul [image]heart [image]knees [image]hair [image]back [image]arms [image]smile [image]authenticity [image]laughter [image]integrity [image]ears [image]nose [image]hands [image]myself[image]silly [image]discipline [image]generosity[image]feet[image]lungs[image]taste[image]voice[image]skin[endimages]


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"Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." —Brené Brown

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