Cozy Holiday Style Guide

for Thanksgiving Dinner

[images][image]for every day errands[image]for lounging at home[image]for Thanksgiving Dinner[endimages]Leggings are a big part of everyone’s wardrobe, especially a pair of classic black ones. I lived in them when I was pregnant, and even though my little bébé is already here, I still love wearing them around the house or paired with longer tops for going out. If you’re like me and have a lot to do in a day, two in one garments are always welcome.

Here are 3 looks for different occasions this holiday season, all with the same pair of classic black long leggings. Paired appropriately, they can take you from home to that early morning yoga class, to daily errands, to Thanksgiving dinner with family & friends.

At home | Top, Cardigan, mug, socks, glasses

Every day | Poncho, Top, fedora, booties, earrings, gloves, purse

Thanksgiving dinner | Jacket, top, booties, clutch, bracelet, necklace

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