Share your love for Beyond Yoga and reap the rewards! For every referred friend that makes a purchase,you will receive $25 worth of store credit for your next order.

Create an account or sign in to earn store credit and refer friends.


Store credit can be redeemed by signing into your Beyond Yoga

account and selecting store credit during checkout.

Enjoy your shopping experience - on us!

Redeem Your Store Credit  


How can I see my store credit balance?
You can check your balance by signing into your Beyond Yoga account. Go to My Account and then select Store Credit from the left hand navigation menu.

Does my Beyond Yoga store credit expire?
Not to worry! Your store credit does not expire.

Can I share my Beyond Yoga store credit or combine different accounts?
Although sharing is caring, we do not allow users to give, share or combine their store credit. Store credit is non-transferrable and only redeemable by you.

Are any items excluded from purchasing with points?
Your store credit can be used towards any purchase on the site.

What happens to my store credit if I return merchandise that I paid for with store credit?
If you return merchandise, your store credit will simply transfer back to your Beyond Yoga account balance.

Can I redeem my store credit for cash?
Sorry, Beyond Yoga store credit has no cash value and can only be redeemed towards a purchase.


Beyond Yoga may offer members the ability to earn store credit towards future purchases on when they invite friends to become members of and those friends make a qualifying purchase within thirty (30) days of the invitation sent through an authorized Beyond Yoga invitation channel (eg. an invitation sent through Beyond Yoga's website, Facebook or another social media channel supported by Beyond Yoga. Some sales, offers, and products may not qualify for this program). Any purchase made by a friend/invitee outside of the initial thirty (30) day window will not result in referral store credit. An existing member may only earn store credit via Beyond Yoga's authorized member invite mechanisms. Referrals outside of Beyond Yoga's authorized channels will not result in referral store credit to a member's account. Each member expressly acknowledges and understands that referral store credit is not transferable, may not be auctioned, bartered or sold and may not be pooled with other members. Each member will only receive store credit for the first qualifying purchase made by a friend/invitee who makes his or her first purchase on as a result of an invite from you via a Beyond Yoga authorized channel. If your friend does not follow the directions in the invite email or other valid invite mechanism to accept the invitation, you may not receive store credit, and Beyond Yoga will have no liability or obligation to credit your account as a result of any user-error which occurs during the purchase process.

Store credit will appear in the existing member's account after one of your qualifying invitees makes his or her qualifying purchase and that purchase is shipped. Purchase of a Gift Card is not a qualifying purchase. Store credit earned via Beyond Yoga may only be used on and may not be used towards the purchase of a Gift Card or on any other website or retail location affiliated with Beyond Yoga.

To the extent that any portion of this referral program is found invalid by law, those portions shall be deemed void; however, the other remaining terms of this program will remain in full force and effect. Beyond Yoga reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time. Should there be any tax liability for the accumulation and/or use of store credit, such taxes are the sole responsibility of the participant. You understand and acknowledge that your account may not accurately reflect the store credit you have actually earned and Beyond Yoga will have no liability for any errors displayed in your account.