Body Positive Yogis to Follow

Yoga is inherently both challenging and healing, and the people who are brave enough to make yoga part of their lives are inspiring, to be sure. One of the best things about yoga is that everyone can do it. There are varying types and levels, and the whole point is that it’s an ever-evolving journey.

At Beyond Yoga, we are here to celebrate that journey, and to celebrate the body-positive yogis who are making yoga a welcome place and practice for all women.

In honor of National Yoga Month, here are some #BOPO yogis we recommend following on Instagram:


1. @mynameisjessamyn

2. @biggalyoga 

3. @nolatrees

4. @amberkarnesofficial

5. @malea_yogia

6. @supportiveyoga

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Body Positive Yogis to Follow
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