Raquelle Ross

Yoga Instructor & Clean Foodie

Raquelle Ross is a healthy-lifestyle blogger, yoga instructor, USC graduate, clean-eating foodie and lover of pugs.

Raquelle is deeply passionate about health and fitness, which was ignited after experiencing life at both ends of the "weight spectrum"; from being well overweight to severely underweight. And today, she’s found a happy and healthy medium at her "feel-good" weight. She believes that applying the practice and philosophy of yoga on and off the mat is what saved her body -- (and mind).

Now this girl is on a mission to help others achieve their “feel-good” weight by living a holistic lifestyle. Her blog -- theholisticblogger.com -- is her creative outlet to inspire others to nourish, move and thrive with healthy habits. To make this easy for everyone and their grandma, she shares guilt-free, whole food recipes, fitspiration advice and more shenanigans.

Raquelle is currently studying to be a holistic nutritionist and Pilates Instructor.

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"Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." —Brené Brown

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